Thursday, June 16, 2011


I hope this note finds you well and happy.  Thought I was lost didn’t you?  It’s been a pretty busy week up here for me, and sometimes priorities get messed up when things start coming at you pretty fast.  Namely making sure I spend some time speaking with you.  So anyway, hi Nephew.  I’ve been thinking that things by you must seem pretty nice.  You’re probably thinking “Man this place is nice!  It’s warm, balmy even”.  Boy those Wisconsin winters have some surprises for you in about four months.  I’m going to come see you at Christmas and only be able to see your tiny head underneath a pile of blankets.  Just a little guy wrapped up so tight and warm he can’t help but sleep.  In a few short years those winters are going to bring you a lot of fun.  Your parents know all the great snow hills, Smores by the fire, snowball fights, building snow forts and watching the Packers in the playoffs. 
What more could a boy ask for?  Maybe some heat.  I remember as a kid pushing the cat out of the way so I could lay by the heater.  If you ever find yourself cursing the winters in Wisconsin, just bring yourself down here in Missouri for a little visit in August.  You’ll be begging for the cold.
Take care buddy.  I love you very much.
Love – Uncle Justin

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