Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Uncle Justin Lectures on Being a Man #3 - Gentleness

Hi Leif,

I hope this note finds you well and happy.  As your uncle I am charged with certain aspects of your character development and (with full permission of your parents, of course)  I would like to continue our little chat series on what makes a good man.  We've spoken of courage and moderation and I've had your rapt attention, specifically because you're little and cannot, as of yet, run, walk or crawl away.
Gentleness is what we're going to talk about today Nephew.  As a man you've won the gender lottery when it comes to raw physical strength and musculature.  You are going to grow up and someday have your own home and family.  There's a good chance, as a man, that you're going to be the tallest and strongest member of your household.  This is the case in my family.  In this type of situation there are men who become the worst sort of tyrants by using that strength to hurt, bully, torment and "rule" their loved ones.  It takes no effort to physically hurt someone who's smaller than you, Leif.  There is no worry of this weaker person hurting you back.  In your life you will run across a lot of cowardly men who seem to thrive on the abuse of those that are weaker.  Put a pair of gloves on them and place them against someone their own size? You'll see them cower and whimper like the weaklings they are.  That may seem a little strongly worded, but I have little patience for abuse of this kind.  The choice to abuse your strength would be the choice to raise your children with fear, not love.  Fear can be conquered.  Love cannot.
To be gentle is to show your strength, for the aforementioned reason that you don't have too.  It is one of my deepest hopes and prayers for you that you grow into a man that uses your strength to provide a home where the ones you love rely on that strength to provide them with a sense of security and safety. 
In your gentleness, they will see God.

I love you buddy - Uncle Justin

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