Sunday, June 5, 2011

Welcome to the World Leif!

Hi Leif,

I hope this note finds you well and happy.  I'm your Uncle Justin.  Let me tell you how happy I am that you are finally born and I bid you a hearty welcome to the world.  As your Uncle I look forward to teaching you lots of things, mostly things your parents will not.  That is what Uncles are for.  I have several.  I know.
I have several Nephews and enjoy my time with them very much, but you my boy are the first born into my family.  I don't like to play favorites but I feel something very singular in my heart for you.  You are a special guy.
The world has a lot of great things in store for you, but for now all you have to do is rest and be loved.  There are a lot of people who love you Leif.
I am so happy you are here.

Love - Uncle Justin


  1. okay. so you ARE NOT allowed to arbitrarily delete this blog. that would be very unfair to your new nephew.

  2. i also think it's funny that you started this letter the same way you do to your staff at work.