Friday, June 10, 2011

Weekend Time Leif

Hi Leif

I hope this note finds you well and happy.  Enjoy your first weekend on earth.  I hope it lives up to your standards.
Things are fairly simple for you now Nephew.  Your wants, needs and emotions are so pure it’s a beautiful thing to see.  Being young as you are your needs revolve simply around comfort, hunger and safety.  You’re either feeling safe or you’re not, hungry or not, comfortable or not.  The older you get, so will the complexities of your needs grow and this is a good thing.  Complex people are more interesting.
I have my own boy, your cousin Elijah, and the speed at which these changes occur steals my breath.  You’ll find, Nephew, that everything beautiful is also fleeting – but that is not a bad thing and I don’t want to be confused on this point, it’s rather important.
When my boy changes, whether be it from crawling to walking, babbling changing into words or soft baby features becoming hard lines and muscle, I feel a tinge of sadness at the loss but this is enshrouded by a torrent of wonder, love and awe at the continuing growth of my little boy into a man.  Yesterday I was playing with him in the pool and was struck dumb for a moment when I noticed his feet had become longer.  Who notices that?  Anyway, Leif, I digress – get used to adults doing that.  We mean well.
I’ll be thinking of you.

Love – Uncle Justin

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